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The world’s first free CRM on WhatsApp Cloud API

Use WhatCX to MANAGE your business chats BETTER with your TEAM on the most preferred chat platform by customers worldwide.


Free “WhatsApp Cloud API Registration Service” for the first 100 signups

Free plan overview

Make your customers happy and your team's life easy.

WhatCX is a sophisticated set of free tools on WhatsApp used by small & medium businesses globally.


Boost collaboration in your team

Shared team inbox

One WhatsApp number shared between 3 team members on a single dashboard. Generate reports & increase transparency.


Reduce manual work on WhatsApp

No-code chatbot

Convert your customers by deploying a no-code chatbot easily on WhatsApp.


Reach 1000s of customers at once

Bulk broadcast

Schedule & send broadcast messages to your contact lists easily. Track campaigns with live WhatsApp analytics.


Streamline processes & improve productivity

Powerful Forms & Automations

Create forms to collect data, assign tags, generate QR codes & automatically route chats for a great customer experience.


Manage all your contacts at one place

Superior contacts management

Finally a home for all WhatsApp contacts in your business. Import & manage up to 2000 contacts with ease.


Achieve higher efficiency & reduce time-to-market

API Integrations

Integrate WhatCX in your website, app or CRM systems to automate WhatsApp messaging & increase customer satisfaction.


Compatible with all the screens

Available on Web, Android and iOS

Manage, track and monitor your business conversations, right from any device.

Free forever: To see how WhatCX can be a game changer for your business

WhatCX works with the FREE Official WhatsApp Cloud API.

Our guided setup will help you register the free Cloud API account with Meta. Once registered, you can connect it easily with WhatCX and supercharge your customer chat experience.

  • 1000 free conversations per month
  • Manage upto 2000 contacts for free

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Access everything on one platform with Shared team inbox

Bring your top three teams- Sales, marketing & customer support on the same platform with WhatCX’s one team inbox to enhance accountability & visibility.

Automate chats with No-code chat bot builder

Increase your brand's visibility & boost engagement by deploying a chatbot to respond automatically on your behalf. Create and deploy a free no-code chatbot easily with WhatCX.

Get 2000 contacts, 1000 conversations free per month

Build premium conversational customer experiences with our forever free plan that doesn’t cost a penny to start the first 1000 conversations with your customers every month on WhatsApp.


WhatCX Free gives you tools to boost engagement with WhatsApp Cloud API.


Get answers to your topmost queries with these frequently asked questions.

WhatsApp Cloud API is a product by Meta that allows businesses to communicate with their customers at scale. Using the API, businesses can build systems that connect thousands of customers with agents or bots, enabling both programmatic and manual communication. Additionally, businesses can integrate the API with numerous backend systems, such as CRM and marketing platforms.

To know more about the WhatsApp Cloud API, click here.

WhatCX is a sophisticated suite of tools built using the WhatsApp Cloud API that allows businesses to automate and manage conversations at scale. WhatCX is available in 2 variants: free & paid.

WhatCX Free is a limited version of the full software available for free for businesses to explore communication use cases that can be solved through WhatsApp chat. It features tools like Bots, Forms, Widgets, Multi-Agent chat, Integrations and much more.

To know more about WhatCX Paid offerings, click here.

WhatCX Free is similar to, and better than, other paid software on the WhatsApp Cloud API. It provides many more features not available on other platforms like Bots, Forms, Multi-Agent Chat, Integrations and more for free.

Businesses can start to use the software immediately by connecting their Cloud API account after sign up.

At WhatCX, we believe that millions of businesses can benefit immensely by using chat on WhatsApp to provide a delightful customer experience. We aim to empower such businesses with the right tools they need to get started and reimagine what chat can do for them.

WhatCX Free is a completely free version of our paid WhatCX offering that is used by businesses globally to solve for chat on WhatsApp. This software will be free forever. WhatCX Free is supported and maintained by the development team at WhatCX.

If you are interested in our paid offerings, please see

Yes. WhatCX Free has been crafted for small and medium businesses to get started with WhatCX. The software has the following limitations, put in place to ensure we can keep providing the service for free to users throughout the world.

  • 3 Active Users
  • 2000 Contacts
  • 1000 Free Conversations per month
  • 1 Chatbot
  • 3 Forms on WhatsApp
  • 500 Contacts limit per broadcast
  • 5 tags, 5 chat labels, 2 custom fields

WhatsApp charges for the API based on Conversations. A Conversation is 24 hours of unlimited messages sent and received between a business and a contact. WhatsApp does not charge for the first 1000 conversations per month. In the same ethos, WhatCX allows for 1000 free conversations per month. You can use these free conversations to have a live chat with your customers and send broadcast messages.

Post the 1000 free conversations, WhatsApp charges businesses based on the contact's country. To see WhatsApp's pricing, click here.

Post the 1000 free conversations, WhatCX charges Rs.0.5/conversation. These need to paid through the wallet within the application. Businesses recharge the wallet with an amount of their choice based on the number of chats they expect on the platform.

There are a few pre-requisities for a business to get access to the WhatsApp Cloud API:

  • Business must use a mobile number not registered on WhatsApp
  • Business must have a Website or Business Email Address
  • Business must have a Facebook Business Manager account
  • Business must have a Facebook Page

Once you register for WhatCX Free, our Guided Setup will help you onboard your business with the WhatsApp Cloud API and connect it with WhatCX. It takes about 30 minutes for a business to get fully onboarded and start using the WhatCX Free software.

Reference Links:

To get started, follow this link and create your free account.

Once you've created the free account, WhatCX Guided Setup will help you connect your WhatsApp Cloud API account with WhatCX. Once that is successfully done, you are free to use the WhatCX Free software forever.

Businesses must register with WhatsApp to get access to the Cloud API. This process requires some technical knowledge.
Within the WhatCX Free App, you will find a very helpful Guided Setup process that will help you register with WhatsApp. At WhatCX, we provide a Registration Service to help businesses complete the registration process easily. This is a paid service.
To celebrate the launch of WhatCX Free, we are offering this Registration Service at no cost to the first 100 signups.
Sign up now for a free account to avail this offer.

No. WhatCX software has been independently developed and is maintained by the team at EdgeCX Private Limited. WhatsApp neither endorses or supports the development of this project. There is no relationship between the business entities controlling WhatsApp and WhatCX, yet.

At WhatCX, we are fully committed to creating secure and robust software that meets all international security standards. We follow all security guidelines as laid down by WhatsApp to use the Cloud API for other businesses. To know more about our security practices, terms & conditions and our privacy policy, please visit our website:

Note: WhatCX Free is NOT GDPR compliant. By using WhatCX Free, you indemnify EdgeCX Private Limited against any and all GDPR claims anywhere in the world. If you are looking for a GDPR Compliant version of WhatCX, you should choose one of our enterprise offerings. To know more, visit:

You can connect with our support team at [email protected]

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